Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grapeseed Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

Grapeseed Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

I just tried this hair treatment on my hair overnight and it seems to have worked wonders!  I was watching TV and playing with the ends of my hair when I noticed how thin and frail my hair seemed! EEK~This could not be happening!  Winters can be harsh on your hair and skin.  Even if you live in a place like Southern California where the temperatures don't drop below 40 F on your coldest night.

Of course, to the pantry I went!  I was out of olive oil -- my go-to oil for anything dry in general-- so I reached for the grapeseed oil.  From previous research, I knew about some of the benefits of grapeseed oil on your skin, but I wasn't 100% convinced that this was going to help condition my desperate "hair"-of-affairs!

I'm so glad I did!  Although, it felt like the olive oil was a lot heavier and greasier--thus perfect for a deep conditioning treatment, the grapeseed oil was still greasy but not has heavy.  It is essentially odorless and light-weight and left my hair feeling thicker.  Each strand felt as if it was coated with another layer of hair so it felt like my hair was heavier and healthier and was easily absorbed by my scalp.  Grapeseed oil helps to restructure and regenerate damaged and stressed hair.

Grapeseed oil has regenerative properties which makes this great for using on your body --especially your hair:

It helps normalize the pH levels of your scalp, which is important because if your pH levels are off your hair will break and fall out more easily.  It leaves your hair cuticle smooth, sealing in moisture and giving your hair a smoother and shinier finish.

Also, if you have any dandruff problems, grapeseed oil is the treatment for you. My scalp was dry over the winter, and I suffered from some unsightly flakes on my worst days.  After using this Grapeseed Hot Oil treatment, I noticed a considerable reduction in the amount of visible flakes.  In other words, I wasn't scared about running my hands through my hair without starting a dandruff flurry anymore! Grapeseed oil for the win!


3/4 cup grapeseed oil (This is a good kind if you don't have any: Mantova Grapeseed Oil, 17-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 4))  


Take some grapessed oil and warm it up until it is a few degrees warmer than room temperature.  Massage the oil into your scalp using your fingertips in circular motions.  This massages the oil into your scalp which in turn also helps the circulation on your head.  

Once you are done massaging the oil into your scalp, make sure the rest of your strands are covered and then take a warm towel and wrap it around your head.  You can leave this for 30 minutes or overnight. 

What I usually do is keep the towel on my head for about 30 minutes and then take off the towel before going to bed.  Wash your hair using a mild shampoo.  You may have to wash it out a couple of times, but it is well worth the effort!  

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  1. do you wash your hair before you go to bed?

    1. you don't have to wash your hair before going to bed. The longer you keep it on, the more saturated it will allow your hair to be. It's safe.

  2. Do you wash your hair before putting the oil on?


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