Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tip of the Day! Lemon Juice as a Toner

Lemon Juice as a Toner

Lemon juice is a great, inexpensive alternative to expensive facial toners.  Use this lemon juice toner before you apply your moisturizer or makeup.  The lemon juice acts as an astringent which motivates your pores to close and your face to tighten resulting in smoother skin.  Toners are extremely important to use because they balance your pH level, clear away any last bits of bacteria, and close your pores (which prevents your moisturizer, dirt, etc. from clogging your pores right after you wash).  Cold water also works as a great astringent.


Lemon Juice. (Buy pre-squeezed lemon juice here.)


After washing your face, apply a small amount of lemon juice onto a cotton swab and wipe over your face.  You might feel some tingling.  Leave it on for only 10 minutes and then rinse off with cool or lukewarm water.

You do not want to use hot water here because you want to make sure your pores stay closed and the heat will just open them up again.

Wait until your face is dry and then apply your moisturizer and any makeup if you plan on doing so.

This is great because not only does the lemon juice act as an astringent, it also acts as a natural cleanser thus cleaning out any left over residue in your pores after you wash your face.  Keep in mind that lemon juice is a natural bleacher too (which is why it is a great cleaning agent) so your skin will get lighter with repeated use.


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  1. Can we use lemon juice toner everyday? And can we also put some on our neck? :/

    1. because of its acidic nature too much use of lemon can make ur skin dry and dangerous when u go to sun ,just use it when u need normally twice a week :)

  2. Since it doesn't have any harsh chemicals in it, I don't see why not. I'll be using it twice a day, morning and night on my face. It should be good for the neck too. I didn't think to try it there and might have to try that as well, especially on the back of my neck since it's more prone to acne sometimes.

  3. Can I use it before going out? I was told lemon left dark spots if you exposed your skin to the sun.


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