Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tip of the Day! Use Potatoes to Remove Dark Under Eye Circles

Use Potatoes to Remove Dark Under Eye Circles

Many of us suffer from dark under eye circles.  Our eyes are one of the first features most people notice.  If you're like me and have chronic dark under eye circles, then you are used to either dealing with the way they look and going all natural or you have gotten really good at covering them up with salmon colored eye concealer. 

While there is no actual cure for dark under eye circles, people have tried to reduce the appearance of them by going as far as using surgical methods.  Unfortunately, these methods most often have a less success to failure ratio.

The homemade answer to your problem might actually be in your pantry.  Potatoes have been known to cure dark under eye circles for centuries.  Potatoes contain a chemical called catecholase which is a powerful skin lightening substance. Catecholase is found in many skin lightening products on the market today.

If you have 15 minutes and a potato then this dark under eye circle homemade remedy is definitely worth a shot!


1 potato
2 pieces of cheesecloth(you can buy cheesecloth here)


Wash and peel the tomatoes like you normally would and then use a grater and shred the potato so that you have enough to great two eye bags from them.

Once you have shred the potatoes, put them in two separate pieces of cheesecloth.  I didn't have cheesecloth so I had to order them from

Place each one under your eyes and lie down for about 15-20 minutes.  Once time is up, wipe off any residue.  Repeat as necessary throughout the week.

Update: Another way to use this recipe would be to create a paste out of it.  I've found this to be quicker than using the cheesecloth method, and it's just as effective. Instead of putting the potatoes in the cheesecloth, blend the potato and the potato's skin to create a paste.  Apply the paste under your eyes and leave it on for 5-10 minutes.  Do this every day for best results.

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  1. Potatoes contain a skin lightener enzyme called catecholase, which is the reason it can help you reduce eye puffiness and it's the best dark circles treatment, that can be done at home.

  2. So its tomatoes or potatoes??


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